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This year’s 2014 NOPT Conference was called Relationships Matter and was held in Manchester on 16th October.

Some of the 2014 Conference presentations are now available to view or download from the NOPT Conference Resources page of the website.

The National Organisation for Practice Teaching (NOPT) is a voluntary organisation with membership from individuals interested in practice learning and social work education. The organisation is managed and run by unpaid volunteers working in their own time. We are committed to promoting quality practice learning opportunities in social work settings for learners working across a continuum of training and education.

In over 30 years of existence NOPT has represented the interests of members through consultation with the major bodies involved in social work education. This has included participation in the Reform process and the development of the Practice Educator Professional Standards. As change seems to be a constant factor in social work, the particular focus of our work has altered over time to reflect changing concerns.

NOPT organises an annual conference to bring practice educators together to consider the latest practice and policy issues and to share good practice. NOPT’s current activities include participation in The College of Social Work’s Learning and Development Reference Group.

NOPT attempts to disseminate ideas and information and canvas the views of practice educators across the country to contribute to this debate.

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