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Frequently Asked Questions

BASW (June 2017) are currently undertaking a survey on Practice Educator Professional standards (PEPS) that everyone is welcome to fill in. You can access this survey directly on the BASW website or via the following web link

The link is ​

Who joins NOPT?

Membership of the organisation is as an individual. Membership is open to all of those who are involved in practice teaching or have an interest in social work education. A member is entitled to one vote in the election of the Committee and to attend the AGM. The membership group includes professionals engaged in different aspects of practice teaching/practice education and practice learning. The organisation subscribes to the belief that practice teaching plays a major part in meeting the changing needs of social work education and training.

How is NOPT organised?

The NOPT constitution requires the organisation to set up a management committee which seeks membership through a democratic electoral process.

There are currently 11 NOPT committee members.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for membership. If you wish to register as a NOPT member, just email giving your full name and details of your role or job position. Your details will then be added to the NOPT membership database. If you subsequently no longer wish to remain a NOPT member, please email the NOPT committee email address to confirm you wish your membership to cease.

As a voluntary organisation, NOPT is solely financed through the income generated from the annual NOPT Conference.