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Online PE Webinars

Here is the link to our first PE Webinar, hosted by Siobhan MacLean. Values and ethics. New ways of working in practice education. First broadcast on Friday 8th January 2021.


Some resources for Practice Education during the Covid Restrictions.

Thanks for the above to Caroline Money on behalf of Kirklees Council and Leeanne Olivant on behalf of University of Huddersfield and to @SherwynSicat at Brunel University and the BASW PEPS subgroup.


UK Practice Teaching and Education Organisations

  • The Scottish Organisation for Practice Teaching (ScOPT)
  • National Organisation for Practice Teaching (NOPT – England)

Regulatory Bodies for Social Work

The Social Work profession is regulated by Social Work England. all social workers have had to be registered with Social Work England since December 2019. Users of Social Work services and other professional colleagues can check the register of social workers here. At the moment SWE does not note a Social Worker’s Practice Education qualifications.

Professional Bodies and Associations for Social Work

The British Association of Social Workers (BASW) is a well established professional association for social workers in the UK.

The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) . On the IFSW website you can access the current International definition of Social Work and an International Declaration of Ethics in Social Work: Statement of Principles.

Practice Education Resources

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) An online resource of good practice guidance, research and learning materials for social care and social work.

NICE ( also provides a range of information to support social workers and Practice Educators.

Asking about and responding to domestic violence and abuse – recorded webinar

Recognising and responding to domestic violence and abuse – quick guide for social workers

Building independence through planning for transition – a quick guide for practitioners supporting young people to help build independence through planning for transition

Improving mental health transitions for younger people – podcast

Improving young people’s experiences in transition to and from inpatient mental health settings – a quick guide for practitioners supporting young people with mental health needs

Reducing the risk of violent and aggressive behaviours – a quick guide for managers of mental health services for young people

Assessment and diagnosis of autism: what to expect – a quick guide for young people and their families

Enabling positive lives for autistic adults–  a quick guide for social workers

Getting help to overcome abuse – a quick guide for young people receiving support after abuse

Therapeutic interventions after abuse and neglect – a quick guide for practitioners  and managers supporting children, young people and families after abuse and neglect

Evidence for strengths and asset-based outcomes – a quick guide for social workers

Using NICE guidance in social work – fictional  scenarios with links to guidance

Using NICE guidance in social work – examples for principal social workers

How social workers can evidence CPD – podcast with social work leaders

NICE developed a blog for Research in Practice to demonstrate different NICE resources which could be used for CPD.

Social workers shared examples of their evidence-informed practice and CPD in this blog.

Free Supervision Resources

New open access resources for managers of practice supervisors online